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Anonymous: How do I get Pikablue and Mewthree?


Great question.

The truth is….Pikablue and Mewthree cannot be found in any Pokemon game.

But there is somewhere they can be found - inside you.

There is a Pikablue and Mewthree inside us all. It is called self-confidence, and you don’t need a master ball to catch it. If you believe in yourself, there is not a single battle you can’t win.

And truly that is the greatest video game “cheat” of all.

Glad I could help.

Anonymous: How are you even supposed to know what to revise for Shakespeare?

Just like you would for any other literature exam?

  1. Revise thematically
  2. Revise characterisation
  3. Make note of important moments and key quotes relating to each theme
  4. Develop an argument with well-supported criticism 
  5. Bullshit 


by ぞうさん