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this week has completely changed me. On Tuesday one of my pupils shouted out that there was a wasp on my hand during a school trip and I told him to stop shouting - not caring at all about the wasp.

Just now, I had a huge spider crawl across my bedroom and whereas I’d usually freak out and throw my entire bookshelf at it, I just shrugged it off. I’m surrounded by so much paperwork right now that I’ve stopped giving a damn.

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Smackin’ dat ass.
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so this apparently happened in Cardiff

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Anonymous: Okay that sounds like the most adorable date ever <3 haha but that's good, take it steady but keep smooching, that's my motto

It might not go anywhere tbh and I find it hard to talk to him when not in person but smooching and holding hands is certainly a start and is making me feel more confident (and not hopelessly alone)

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