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Artist: Unknown Thwomp
Title: UnknownThwompmouth
Album: Unknown
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“A gentle sea dragon lives here. Pound on his back to make him lower his head. Don’t become his lunch.”—Signpost, Super Mario 64
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Artist: Unknown Quad City DJs vs HAL Laboratory
Title: UnknownC'Mon and Ride The Smash Hype Train
Album: Unknown All Aboard Productions
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Koga’s Pidgey / Gym Challenge
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Artist: Unknown Foxy
Title: UnknownFoxy runs.
Album: Unknown FOXY RUNS.
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buy my ass and touch me pizza

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Wizards of the Coast | Pokémon Made Simple Handbook
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Butterfree / Legendary Collection

First look at Pokken Tournament, featuring Ursaring (left) and Pangoro (right).Pokken Tournament is expected to be released as an arcade game in Japan 2015.
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fuck you, bacon
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Metapod / Flashfire